Top 10 news channels
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Top 10 news channels

World’s top 10 most popular news channels

There are media in the world that keeps all people alert. All news channels allow all users to access news headlines and current news events. The news channels of the world keep every user up to date. This will get you the list of top 10 news channels in the world then.


Top 10 news channels

News channels reach every single user through television and the internet all over the world. All news channels of the world disseminate current events to all users.


Top 10 news channels list here


  • BBC World News Channel is the BBC’s International Current Affairs and the largest television channel that helps people to become aware of the whole world.
  • It is the largest viewership of any BBC channel in the world with an estimated then 76 million viewers in Weekly 2014.
  • The BBC news channel was launched on 11 March 1991 as BBC World Service Television across Europe.
  • It was renamed to BBC World on 16 December 1995. And was renamed to BBC World News on 21 April 2008.
  • BBC World News provides the fastest news bulletins and lifestyle in the world to all users and news headlines first. And click here to know more Wikipedia

Top 10 news channels www.flickrworld.comBBC World News / Wikipedia

2. Fox News

  • Fox News Channel is a famous news channel in the world then also known as Fox News. It is a US basic cable and satellite news channel which is very popular. Which is owned by Fox Entertainment Group, an affiliate of 21st Fox.
  • It is a very large network because, by February 2015, approximately 87,058,000 American households have a Fox News channel.
  • The current executive chairman of Fox News Channel is Murdoch and along with this news channel CEO Suzanne Scott then. And click here to know more Wikipedia


Top 10 news channels www.flickrworld.comFox News / Wikipedia

3. CNN

  • Cable News Network (CNN) is one of America’s largest basic cable and satellite television channels, which holds a very good place in the US news channel. CNN News is the best news channel in the world. It was founded in 1980 by US media proprietor Ted Turner then.
  • This news channel was the first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage because it was the fastest.
  • This channel was the first all-news channel in the United States to become the fastest channel because and the first channel to surface news headlines. And click here to know more Wikipedia


Top 10 news channels

CNN / Wikipedia

4. SKY NEWS (Top 10 news channels)

  • Sky News is a 24-hour international multimedia news channel based in the UK, which is very popular in the UK.
  • Originally Sky News is Britain’s 24-hour television news channel.
  • Sky News Channel can run on television and online mobile devices because and gets its first update with its official site.
  • The news service emphasizes rolling news then including the latest breaking news. More information click on the link


Top 10 news channels www.flickrworld.comSky News / Wikipedia


  • MSNBC is a very good basic cable and television satellite network in the US.
  • This news channel does its television coverage on current events on NBC News as the because first news updates are done here.
  • During prime time, the network takes a nighttime programming block then The name of this company is a drive from the most common abstractions for Microsoft and National Broadcasting Company, one of the world’s largest companies. More information click here for Wikipedia


Top 10 news channels www.flickrworld.comMSNBC / Wikipedia

6. Al Jazeera (Top 10 news channels)

  • Al Jazeera, also known as Aljazeera and JSC, is a large news satellite network and is very popular.
  • JSC is a Doha broadcaster with the inclusion of a very powerful media network in the world of media networks.
  • This powerful media network is found by Qatar’s governing family Thani’s home.
  • It may be the largest network in the Arabian News Network in the coming times. It was initially launched as a satellite television channel of Arabian news and current affairs.
  • Al Jazeera is accessible in many countries of the world. …..More on Wikipedia


Top 10 news channels

Al Jazeera / Wikipedia

7. Euronews

It is a news channel that is a multilingual media service. Euronews is headquarter in a city of Lyon, France. It was founded in 1993 but aims to cover world news with pan-Europe perspectives. The channel was the first broadcast from Lyon on 1 January 1993.


Top 10 news channels www.flickrworld.comTop channels / Wikipedia

8. Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya means “The Arab One” and “The Arab One” This is a Saudi-owned pan-Arabian news channel. Because this channel broadcast in the modern standard Arabic language..……… More information


9. Geo News

Geo News is a Pakistani private news channel which is very popular and very popular in Pakistan. However, which is because owned and operated by Independent Media Corporation which is the parent company

10. NDTV India : Top 10 news channels

India is one of the most prominent news channels in the country, which is one of the most reliable and this news channel comes in Hindi language. Because it is owned by New Delhi Televisions Limited. Vikramaditya Chandra is the chief executive officer of the NDTV Group. New Delhi Television Limited is an Indian commercial broadcasting television network founded in 1988 by Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy……….. More on Wikipedia

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