Pakistan plane crash in Karachi
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Pakistan plane crash in Karachi

Pakistan plane crash in Karachi Building.

Fire everywhere, and no one appeared Pakistan plane crash in Karachi

PIA Crash: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)  Airlines said airplanes fell between homes due to the failure of both engines.

Pakistan plane crash in Karachi


  • Karachi, Pakistan: One of the two people to survive in Pakistan due to a plane crash killed 97 people from a plane after getting hurt in a residential neighborhood.
  • Airlines said, Pakistan’s plane Friday afternoon fell in the middle of the houses due to the failure of both engines,
  • which fell near Karachi airport.
  • The wings of the plane slipped from its roof,
  • sending the smoke and flames of smoke into the air as it fell on a road that went into the night.
  • Commercial flights in the country resumed only ahead of the Muslim holiday of Eid.
  • when planes were landed at the time of the lockdown because of coronavirus.


Flight PK8303 Crash

  • 24-year-old Mohammad Zubair said in a video posted on social media that after it was hit and I got peace of breath,
  • I see fire everywhere and no one was seen here were cries of children, adults, and the elderly.
  • The cries were everywhere and everyone was trying to survive.
  • I opened my seat belt and I saw some light and I tried to walk towards it then I jumped all over
  • A Health Ministry official said that Zubair had to repair the fire injury but was in stable condition.
  • The Ministry of Health for Sindh province, where Karachi is locate,
  • confirm on Saturday that 97 bodies were in the plane when the plane crash.
  • At least 19 people have been identified so far,
  • while the names of the remaining victims have gone to a DNA test at the Karachi University for life.
  • There, a hospital earlier told that they found the bodies of people killed on the ground.
  • This disaster comes when Pakistanis begin celebrating the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan and Eid in
  • which many people were traveling to their homes in villages and cities.

PIA Pakistan Plane crashing into Karachi Building

Pakistan plane crash in Karachi


  • A PIA spokesperson said that the air traffic control lost contact with the plane from Lahore to Karachi after 2:30 pm.
  • According to an audio recording confirm by the airline there was a Mayday call after the pilot announce that we have lost the engine.
  • PIA CEO Arshad Mehmood Malik owner named Airbus A320 as one of the safest planes.
  • Everything was in operation so that he promising an investigation.
  • Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said Captain Sajjad Gaal was described by the airline as an A320 pilot with extensive flight experience(plane crash).

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New Delhi:

Pakistan plane crash in Karachi

  • Airbus said in a statement that the plane first entered service in 2004 and was acquired by PIA decade later
  • And about 47100 flying hours were entered.
  • According to reports of witnesses reporting the cry of a man hanging from the emergency exit gate of the plane,
  • shepherds in search of survivors And the residents were first squeezed through the folded debris.
  • At the scene of the accident, firefighter Sarfaraz Ahmed told AFP that the rescue team had released bodies from the plane which had seat belts.
  • Residents around the scene recalled how the walls of their homes were shaken before being threatened as Plain fell into the neighborhood.
  • The 14-year-old boy was coming from Khame Masjid and
  • I saw the plane leaning on one side and it was so close that the walls of the house were chasing.
  • Mudsar Ali, another resident said that he saw a big explosion and called people to call the fire bridge.
  • An AFP reporter saw dead bodies in an ambulance.




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