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Facebook investment

 Facebook investment $ 5.7 billion in indian giant Reliance jio

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Facebook investments : This is a big bet of Facebook in India where in today’s time everybody is digital. This news is the latest news till date, why it is considered the biggest bet in India’s technology space.

Facebook investment  www.flickrworld.com


  • Facebook has played a big stake in India’s largest technology market,
  • That is, Facebook has invested $ 5.7 billion in jio platform.
  • Owner of facebook is very happy that this step indicates the commitment of India.
  • Facebook is in partnership with Indian company Jio by giving $ 5.7 billion to create a historical record
  • Facebook is says that over 388 million people in India is connect to the internet in the last 3 to 4 years.
  • Reliance Industries Limited says that it will be the largest technology single investment in the entire world and is the largest “fund” in India’s technology space.
  • Our India country is in the midst of a huge technology change that India can move forward a lot.
  • And in India, jio has played a very big role in bringing all small works or big works online.
  • Facebook is in partnership with Indian company Jio by giving $ 5.7 billion to create a historical record

Facebook investment updates

  • He thought that people around the world in lockdown would need these digital devices that they could trust.
  • People could communicate with the people and make their Busineses big.
  • Facebook is moving ahead in these difficult days in a very good way in the global market.
  • Looking at a different point, the owner of Reliance Company said that this deal will make India’s economy stronger.
  • This will be considered as the biggest bet today because today everyone in our country is going digital and
  • Facebook has played a big claim at such a time.
  • Seeing the figure of 328 million, our country is the largest market for Facebook users because today everyone in India is busy.

Facebook investment  www.flickrworld.com


  • And why the user of Facebook Company’s application WhatsApp in India is the largest in the world.
  • Because 400 million people in India run WhatsApp.
  • A major role of this deal in India is to strengthen India’s economy.
  • And to provide digital tools for those small big 60 million companies and, 120 million farmers, 30 million those small traders and enterprises.
  • Suggestions also go to mind, Facebook has not earned as much money from users as it can from this partnership.



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