China reached an agreement with India
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China reached an agreement with India

China reached an agreement with India

China reached an agreement with India: Indian defense officials said that Chinese soldiers were persuaded to be “thin” in at least four stand-off points China said on Wednesday “Agreements” were being made by both parties by an “agreement”, Who”improve the border situation” with India.

 China reached an agreement with India

New Delhi:

  • It was the first official statement between the two countries.
  • There was some growth on the ground in East Ladakh after negotiations between the two sides.
  • However, the China side has not provided any details on the “action” but It said that “two sides” had taken over the border.
  • Military sources had previously said that Galvan And the density of Chinese troops in Hot Springs were reduced from Monday.
  • Which was changed by India but There was no change in that situation in Pangong Tso.
  • Where the Chinese troops are on the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC).
  • However, there was no official statement from India on these developments.

China reached an agreement with India

  • Some new effective communications are being through the medium of diplomatic and military channels.
  • Apart from this, recently there is an agreement on properly handling some things located in the western section of the border between China and India.
  • Currently, both sides to improve the border situation Taking action following the agreement,
  • If the Chinese readout is accurate So it can pull Indian forces back to disputed points.
  • However, India has always said that its troops have never crossed the Indian side of the LAC.
  • Actually, during Manmohan Singh’s tenure as Prime Minister, When a deadlock in a boundary zone is define as such, So the BJP leaders-including Rajnath Singh,
  • Who is now Defense Minister – to withdraw Indian troops into Indian territory The Congress-led government is criticize.

Updates: China reached an agreement with India

  • On Wednesday, the chief commanders of India and China have spoken at a general level, which is important for both countries.

  • Which was a follow-up to the talks held on 6 June?

  • “Both sides are positive because both sides exchange views in a positive atmosphere Both forces are commit to ending the line through negotiations.
  • “A senior military officer told by PTI”.
  • After Saturday’s talks, India’s readout on gradual disengagement There was no indication of any “agreement”.

Leverage along LAC

  • India reiterated that the two sides signed various bilateral agreements.
  • And to maintain peace on the Indo-China border areas “Agreed” on the need to resolve the situation peacefully with the guidance of the leadership.
  • In his briefing on Monday, by the spokesman of China’s Foreign Ministry, It was echoed.

China reached an agreement with India

  • And work together to keep the peace,
  • And the sound of bilateral relations And create an environment conducive to steady growth,” Hua.
  • Between the terrorists, in the coming days on the border, Several other rounds of talks are expected.
  • However, there is no indication that China is ready to repel its troops from the area up to Finger 4 in Pangong Tso,
  • Which is well within the territory claim by India.
  • It was in Pangong Tso that the Indians And Chinese soldiers came to explode in early May.
  • Which was one of the early markers of the beginning of the standoff between the two armies?
  • India placed position before first identification of Chinese soldiers in Galvan Has sought restoration,
  • In which the leave of troops from the finger area in Pangong Tso is a top priority.
  • Galvan is considering strategically important.
  • Because Chinese troops have reportedly enter the valley And built structures fly across the street the road to Daulat beg Oldi.
  • Which is the last point on the Indian border before the Karakoram Pass, Which marks the border with China?

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